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TOPOWER in INTERMAT2015 Paris, Booth: 5AG042

     PARIS DEMO: THE ART OF SHOWCASING THE PERFORMANCE OF WORKSITE MACHINERY(Booth Number: 5AG042). Paris Demo is one of the main attractions at INTERMAT;The only international exhibition to offer a 30,000 sqm exterior zone, the constructors are able to highlight their equipment and machinery in action. Building and civil engineering professionals will be able to discover manufacturers¡¯ know-how and the way plant and equipment is developing towards even better safety, productivity, etc. These live demonstrations are a chance to demonstrate the performance of machinery and equipment in real-life worksite conditions.Attendees will be able to see a wide range of machinery in action: excavators, compact excavators, loaders graders machines and equipment for demolition etc...

    Jiangsu Topower Wheel Co. Ltd. as invited to participate in the exhibition, a display for the machinery industry tailored information technology solutions, to consolidate the existing cooperation relations, also found a large number of potential customers, and laid the foundation for the development of the market. This exhibition lineup unprecedented growth, not only supporting the development of machinery spare parts industry, but also to show the momentum of development of solid tire. At the same time, the development momentum of the solid tire industry is gratifying, the market competition is fierce, many new brands quietly rising. How to improve the market management and marketing skills, in the battle for the market was filled with smoke, take the initiative to gain advantage, is a solid tire enterprises must go to think deeply about the problem.

    General manager Liu insight into the present situation of solid tire market, take the professional platform to the global machinery spare parts industry, show the leading domestic production of solid tire industry solutions. Exhibition staff cohesion to explain the application of informatization practical wisdom, to machinery spare parts enterprises to overcome their own management bottleneck and achieve faster development and brings inspiration.

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